Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bead Journal Project

It is a steamy South Florida August Sunday already in the 90's before noon time. I am busy getting my studio organized again before I leave for Philly to be with my private student for a few days.

I thought I should admit that I am stuck on my June page for the Journal project. I looked at it several days ago and decided that it needed more texture and depth of color development so I got out my beads befitting it's colorway and am into size 15's with great delight. I think of June in my minds eye as I remember it being a New Englander experiencing Spring in the North East 20 miles North of Manhattan where I used to live in Nyack, New York. I hate to stop working on my June page in order to fill pattern orders and kits. In this way I am such a school kid hating to do my homework and procrastinating by working on my hearts desire.

I have July's page unfinished because I am so compelled to renew my work on June which I think is so important to me as it is the starting page for Robin's Bead Journal Project 2007.

I have not started August but I do know the colors I will use.

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